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When it comes to performance or body composition goals, “no time” is no excuse for falling short. Making nutrition a priority is paramount for progress. As the saying goes, “you can’t out train a poor diet” and at Power Athlete we exist to empower your performance at every stage of the journey. 

You’ve paid your dues, bought the shoes and are invested in your training. Now, will you invest in the most effective performance enhancement you might be neglecting? If you are having difficulty finding the time to eat the way you should, then grab something off our “eat with abandon” list and keep reading.

Meal Prep: “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Two hours on Sunday is all you need for the week with minimal involvement. If you’re serious about changing the way you eat then be prepared to put at least some time in the kitchen. Between family, jobs and Power Athlete workouts, the free time runs out about as fast as you after the Speed Program. The good news is you don’t have to be Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen to make a week’s worth of food. You just gotta be prepared…

Meal Prep

When preparing your food, save time by utilizing multiple cooking methods at your disposal. It’s common for me to have the grill, oven, stove top, slow cooker, and rice cooker all going at once. There’s no reason you can’t cook our Isocaloric Oven Baked Brisket with sweet potatoes in the slow cooker with veggies cooking on the stove. To make things even more simple I know exactly what I need to eat each week to hit my  macros so it’s easy to prepare the right foods. If you don’t know WHAT you should be eating, the next one’s for you.


Meal Plan: Know What You’re Doing

Your most powerful ally in a war with time is a plan of action. If you’re trying to reach your goals without knowing the amount of food your body needs, you’re doing yourself an injustice. I’ll save you the sciency stuff, but know that nutrition demands differ depending on the type of training you’re doing. In other words, CrossFit, Olympic lifting and running all have vastly different macronutrient needs. If you’re eating in a way conducive to a specific method of training but are performing another, you are leaving massive performance improvements on the table.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 at 5.29.30 PM

If you’re already familiar with the foods you need then you should look for a good nutrition coach to evaluate your lifestyle, goals and training to determine the proper balance and timing of macronutrients your body needs for optimal performance.  Are you too busy living life to be Google searching your meals? You’re not alone, and that’s why we’ve built detailed plans that tell you exactly what, when and how much you should eat for your individual schedule, body type, workout, and goals. Eating for performance is hard enough. If you want to make it easier, you need a professional.

Time to Eat: Be a Doer. Don’t be a Don’t-er

As a business owner, I understand that work can make scheduled eating hard. In the dictionary between “hard” and “possible” is the word “lazy”, and if you want to bridge the gap then suck it up buttercup.

If you wake up and go to bed in a place with a kitchen or fire you have the opportunity to eat a full meal. If you work for a law abiding business, you get a lunch break. I can already hear small business owners telling me how they work morning to night and are unable to take a break. If this is your case you need to shut down, adjust your schedule or change your goals to less needy ones. I would love to offer a better solution, but after years of working with “doer’s” and “don’t-ers” I have found the only option to be a change of situation or of expectation.


If the fact that you’re not where you want to be is motivation enough to change, then the time to start is now! Food is essential for life. Quality food in the right amounts is essential for a life of performance. Whether you hire a professional or handle it yourself, “no time” is no excuse.

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Tyler Minton

Professional mixed martial artist, gym owner and Power Athlete Nutrition Coach. An avid follower of CrossFit Football since its inception, Tyler has implemented Power Athlete methodology with thousands of athletes in his own gym and abroad. A student of Robb Wolf's for 7 years, Tyler uses the principles of ancestral health to help athletes empower their performance. One of the worlds leading weight cut experts, Tyler works with some of the UFC's top athletes, preparing them for peak performance when they step into the cage. Tyler utilizes his own personal and coaching experience, combined with the very best in nutritional education to help athletes fuel the fire!


  1. sheldoneous on June 22, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Meal prep is where I falter. I know what I should be eating. I can calculate my cals and macros. but setting out to plan meals for every day boggles my mind!! We usually shop sat or Sunday and make a menu for the week (wife usually makes menu and shopping list with my input). We usually cook meals on a daily basis as opposed to weekly or multiple days. I think we are close to doing it right it’s just the days can vary greatly in terms of macro count.

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