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Power Athlete Squat with a Staggered Stance

By John / July 22, 2020 /

Power Athlete’s Field Strong program is currently working through a bridge week in preparation for the new Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) cycle. Bridge weeks are all about movement selection. Movements we prescribe either target common limitations, like trunk strength or foot health, will be relied on heavily in an upcoming cycle, or are new and…

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5 Reasons Vans Should Be Your Training Shoe

By John / April 30, 2020 /

The foot is arguably the most important system in sport and in training. It’s literally where the rubber meets the road; as long as you are wearing shoes with rubber soles, and standing on the road. Shoes have taken a foothold in our society as a fashion statement neglecting our “form follows function” principle. Companies…

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Training Foot Health: Shoes are the Devil!

By Matthew Zanis / October 28, 2019 /

Major shoe companies have done an effective job marketing the message that all shoes are designed to be healthy for your feet, to improve your performance, and can enhance your movement. Unfortunately, this is 100% FALSE. In fact, they f**k your feet. It’s amazing how much power and influence the big brand shoe industry has…

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Training Foot Health: Kinetic Chain

By Matthew Zanis / August 17, 2019 /

Have you ever returned home from a long day at work, feet aching, and all you can think about is kicking off your shoes and letting the dogs breathe? After changing to those house clothes, you  begin rubbing the bottom of your feet and thinking, why do they hurt so much? Maybe you’re an athlete…

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Pelvic Floor Health For Men: Part 2

By Matthew Zanis / June 30, 2019 /

Empower Your Performance. This is the mission of Power Athlete HQ. It’s mindset that trickles down from the top. Everything from the slogans on Power Athlete tees, the sets and reps John programs in the daily training programs, to the words sentences we compile together on the Power Athlete Blog are carefully crafted to help…

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5 Takeaways from the 2018 Power Athlete Symposium

By Ben Skutnik / December 10, 2018 /

This weekend we wrapped up the 2018 Power Athlete Symposium, the premier symposium in strength and conditioning-ing-ing. While there were an almost infinite number of knowledge bombs dropped this weekend, here are just five that we took away, that stuck with us and we wanted to share with you. Ben Skutnik Whether you are an…

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Power Coach: Potential

By John / February 20, 2017 /

No better quote describes the 4th Quarter of Super Bowl LI AND final play that decided the 2017 NCAA Football National Champion. Aspiring athletes everywhere should take in the performances from 6th round pick Tom Brady, winning his 5th Super Bowl (nearly one for every QB drafted ahead of him). and the all-but-written-off underdog Clemson University claiming…

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Redefining Weakness Training: Programming

By John / September 11, 2015 /

Changing ‘weakness’ to focused practice and development all begins with the term Skill Practice: dedicated, targeted training that drives prudent application, yielding accelerated returns. This just the beginning. Proper implementation of Skill Practice will accomplish two goals: Create a Default – (alliteration alert!) automatic actions for athletes Self Awareness – develop the ability for them to observe themselves…

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ACL Injury Prevention: Anti-Rotation

By John / March 2, 2015 /

Common thinking in strength and conditioning is the stronger the muscle, the safer the joint is from injury.  Focusing on linear force production regardless of the set up or execution, is a fallacy that neglects a monumental component of sport and training: Force Reduction. In Neuromuscular Reeducation, we discussed training protective knee joint action by creating a…

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CrossFit Open 15.1 Warm Up 2015

By John / February 26, 2015 /

Here. We. Go! The 2015 CrossFit Open has kicked off and 15.1 is a mix of old school CrossFit and heavy ass lifting!  Power Athlete has your 15.1 specific warm up to not only get your chili hot, but prime your CNS and lactate system for this challenge. First we’ll check out the opening Open workout then…

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