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Power Approach to Lacrosse Training

By John / February 17, 2015 /

This week marks the kick-off of the 2015 college lacrosse season across the country, including my boys in blue.  As America’s true pastime, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and with 350 NCAA teams, more and more kids are presented with an opportunity to play at the next level. I’ve witnessed Praxis…

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Drop-In Disaster: Making Lemonade

By John / February 12, 2015 /

I recently had one of the worst training experiences of my life.  I know what you’re going to say; “Whoa there, drama queen. Take it easy.”  But I am serious as a heart attack.  The exact heart attack I nearly had when I dropped in at a gym last weekend.  Let me preface this by…

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ACL Injury Prevention: Neuromuscular Reeducation

By John / February 2, 2015 /

The first article in this series, Injury Mechanisms, focused on identifying neuromuscular imbalances present in non-contact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, one of the most common non-contact injuries to the knee joint.  While many bio-markers for this injury are beyond an athlete’s control, the mechanisms discussed are not.  Left unnoticed, they introduce faulty bio-mechanics that put…

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ACL Injury Prevention: Injury Mechanisms

By John / January 21, 2015 /

Injury prevention in strength and conditioning is an interesting beast.  If an S&C coach does their job correctly, non-contact injuries are an afterthought in the athlete or team’s success.  If done incorrectly, there is only one person to blame and that S&C coach better take a good look at their program and pinpoint where they failed…

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Power Coach: Experience

By John / December 17, 2014 /

Strength and conditioning is an incredibly unique industry in that each individual measures experience in their own special way.  Coaching experience then becomes a difficult term to define.  Some of the most common attempts at defining include: Time: how long a coach has been in the industry. Resume’: letters behind the name or time spent with big name…

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7 Unconventional Changes To Improve Training

By John / December 3, 2014 /

“Nothing endures but change.”-Heraclitus (540 BCE – 480 BCE) Ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, was onto something big.  Although the quote has been translated in a number of ways, the theme remains the same and encompasses one of the major aspects of the human condition. Ultimately we cannot prevent change, therefore, we are driven by not…

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Planes, Axes and Primal Movements

By John / December 1, 2014 /

One of the first things covered (and equally forgotten) in any anatomy book are the planes of motion and axis of rotation for all human movement.  Not as sexy as energy systems or squatting position, it’s almost as if the reason these are forgotten is because no one can argue about their purpose or function.…

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Shitty Coaching Trifecta

By John / November 7, 2014 /

As many of you may know, several of the coaches at Power Athlete HQ also double as CrossFit Football Seminar Staff.  I am one of those coaches. The goal of our seminar, in conjunction with ensuring attendees know how to effectively implement our program, is to make better coaches. Although this is a generic and…

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Plyometric Training: Preparation

By John / October 19, 2014 /

The Power Athlete Plyometric Series has been steadily progressing and building a solid foundation for plyometric program implementation.  We have focused on reverse engineering a jump from the landing up and developing the coach’s eye in preparation for athlete assessment into eventual plyo program application.  As we work closer to plyometric program development, we must now introduce the components of plyometric…

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Plyometric Training: Assessment

By John / October 1, 2014 /

Plyometric training is frequently met with strong opposition, especially within high school and CrossFit communities.  Many of these opponents strongly believe that high impact loading of the joints in jumping or other impulsive activities is harmful to the joints. Some might even argue they decrease explosive performance.  Our argument against this goes back to Part 1 and…

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