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Why Percentages Don’t Work

By Levi Garrett / March 21, 2016 /

Just kidding, they do, but if you’re basing you or your clients’ training off percentages of a 1 Repetition Max (RM) you may be wasting everybody’s time. That’s assuming that your goal is to increase maximal strength and power. Claiming that weight lifting percentages don’t work is far fetched.  @Cali did a great job showing…

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4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat

By John / February 5, 2016 /

There is a wrong way to squat. And you’re probably doing it wrong. Determining right vs. wrong requires context. If your goal is to squat as much weight as possible to win a powerlifting meet, then you squat whatever way allows you to do that. If your goal is to use a squat to improve…

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Power Coach: Fear

By John / January 22, 2016 /

Competition sees a multitude of emotions; contempt for an opponent, empathy towards teammates, and of course, the exhilaration of victory, but no emotion affects performance more than fear. Fear can be a great motivator. Often analogized with mental toughness, fortitude, or grit, a sense of fear often means something important is about to happen, presenting an…

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Power Coach: Self-Esteem

By John / January 8, 2016 /

You are NOT some corner cutting, “rah rah”, pom pom holding hype-man. You are a POWER COACH. A coach that knows maximizing their athletes’ peak performance is YOUR responsibility.  A coach that knows that their athlete’s cannot achieve their highest level of greatness without you. A coach that systematically applies physical and mental stressors to prepare their…

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Power Coach: Conversations

By John / December 21, 2015 /

The strength and conditioning industry is rife with bullshit, misapplication, and more coaches than jobs. Sunny disposition aside, the glass is half full, as opportunities for growth and development abound. Books like Supertraining and POWER are excellent educational resources. Year round local and national S&C conferences provide opportunities to learn from world-renowned presenters. And let’s not…

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Battle The Bullshit: Skill and Speed Resistance Training

By John / December 2, 2015 /

We at Power Athlete have declared war on the bullshit in the strength and conditioning world. Lately, I’ve been seeing athletes and training sites showing off new resistance toys they’re convinced will increase speed and improve sport performance. Athletes, in your world, these tools will do more harm than good, as it will adversely affect sport…

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Power Athlete Concussion Protection Training

By John / July 19, 2015 /

Concussions are a serious immediate and long term concern for every athlete participating in field sports from football to lacrosse, and even in sports that don’t condone contact like soccer and baseball.  We’ve developed a set of protocols that need to be a part of every athlete’s training regime.   The only true prevention practice for a concussion…

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Power Coach: Communication

By John / December 29, 2014 /

Communication is essential for any coach who aims to truly empower their athletes.  Just as a coach must invest in their voice, they must also invest in effective communication, in and around training.  This goes beyond simple cues or pump up speeches. “Communication often gets lost in intent.” I took an interesting route into the collegiate…

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