| Power Athlete Radio – Episode 69

Author / Cali Hinzman

Down, Set, Hike! Power Athlete Nation, we are fortunate enough this week to have two athletes from the Legends Football League stop by. Defensive specialist Chelsey Haardt and speedster Amanda Ruller give us the intimate details of how the LFL started and grown the last 10 years. They update us on their training methods and how they got to the top. Fortunately for the gentlemen they also share what they’re looking for in a significant other.

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro And Opening
  • 1:07 The Legends From The LFL
  • 2:29 What Did The Detective Find?
  • 5:07 Playoff Time
  • 7:43 The Evolution Of The LFL
  • 12:02 How It All Began
  • 15:18 Training Different Body Types
  • 18:31 SPP Training
  • 20:15 For Love Of The Game
  • 22:42 The Gear
  • 25:03 Game Day
  • 32:17 Welcome To The LFL
  • 35:54 Bad Blood
  • 38:38 Support
  • 41:41 Up And Comers
  • 45:42 Foundation For The Future And Bobsled Testing
  • 54:42 PATS Update
  • 1:06:43 Toes Forward
  • 1:08:35 Breeder
  • 1:11:38 Movie Time
  • 1:15:07 Plugs And Closing

Show Notes

Make sure you Register your team for the 2014 PATS

PATS 2014_Event Map

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Chelsey Haardt: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


Amanda Ruller: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Amanda Ruller

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Cali Hinzman

A strength and conditioning coach since 2009, Cali has worked with numerous athletes spanning from rugby players to cross country skiers. Almost immediately after finding CrossFit in 2010, she was introduced to a program that better suited her athletic goals. With her existing background in powerlifting and football, she became a natural devotee to CFFB/PowerAthlete and testament to it's effectiveness. In 2012, she left D.C. and headed for the state named after her to be a part of the CrossFit Football Seminar Staff and a Jedi of Power Athlete HQ. Cali currently resides in Seattle where she works full time in law enforcement.


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