What are you training for?


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What are you training for?

Ep 577 – Secret Squirreling Field Strong

“Know what you’re training for, don’t fall prey to the Secret Squirrel Program.” There’s strong and then…

Author: John

Gaining Through Weight Loss | A Jacked Street Success Story

Power Athlete has been delivering online training for more than a decade, providing people worldwide the opportunity…

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Where’s the Fire? In your Muscles and Lungs: Analyzing the CPAT

This is it! You’ve made the decision to become a firefighter and now you need to pass…

Battling the Bullshit: Women and Training

When it comes to resistance training, there are few subjects overflowing of bro-science than that of women…

Author: Ben Skutnik

I Want It All: Your Nutrition and Training Goals

“What are your goals?” If you ever pick up nutrition coaching or meal planning from Power Athlete,…

Author: Ben Skutnik