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What the Science Says: Hydration

By Ben Skutnik / July 16, 2018 /

According to the CDC, 7,233 people have died from heat-related deaths over the past 11 years (658 per year on average), with 5,201 of those  being ruled as a direct result of heat exposure (1). While many of the individuals who died were aged 65 years old or older, every summer there are reminders that…

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What the Science Says: Sleep

By Ben Skutnik / May 26, 2018 /

“Sleep is for the weak!”…probably one of the more common phrases in today’s society, right along with “I’ll rest when I’m dead!” I’m sure we’ve all heard these uttered at some point in our lives the glorification of an 80-hour work week, the grind, Hard Work Pays Off #HWPO…but does it? In this edition of…

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What The Science Says: Beta-Alanine Supplementation

By Ben Skutnik / April 16, 2018 /

In the locker room things start to…tingle. First your lips…then your entire face. One minute, you’re looking like Tyrone Biggums and the next you feel like you just picked up a Super Star.  Is this it…are you finally leveling up?! Not quite; you’re feeling the effects of acute paresthesia, brought on by the beta-alanine in…

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What the Science Says: Guidelines for Youth Resistance Training

By Ben Skutnik / March 26, 2018 /

So now we finally come full circle. We’ve covered how strength training is necessary for kids to develop to their fullest potential and remain healthy. We’ve covered how the measure of an effective program is not pounds on the bar, but lack of injuries with increased performance on the field. Here at long last is…

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What the Science Says: Effects of Youth Resistance Training

By Ben Skutnik / March 19, 2018 /

Picking up where we left off in Youth Resistance Training, this article will peel the next layer of the onion back. We’ve established that kids should lift weights, but now we’re going to expand on why they should. The average coach would say they have kids lift weights to get stronger, but you’re not the…

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What the Science Says: Youth Resistance Training

By Ben Skutnik / March 12, 2018 /

“Don’t you know it’s unsafe for kids to lift weights? It will stunt their growth. If they don’t use protective equipment they’ll hurt themselves. It’s just not smart!” – Uninformed Parent Sound familiar? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you think that’s bullshit. And our mission here is to Battle the Bullshit. But, to win any…

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What The Science Says: Creatine

By Ben Skutnik / February 26, 2018 /

Have you heard that creatine supplementation can cause kidney failure? What about how it’s as dangerous for kids to take as steroids? Or, has the meathead at your local supplement store been tirelessly trying to sell you on the new creatine because it will give you bigger #gainz? Well, I’m here to give you the…

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High Performance Hydration

By Rob Exline / August 4, 2022 /

This has been one of the hottest summers on record with increasing temperatures continuing through July and August (National Weather Service, 2022). If you have a teen athlete playing fall sports, this is smack dab in the middle of all that heat. Youth are at an elevated risk of being chronically dehydrated (Corcuera Hotz &…

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Creatine, It’s For Everyone

By Rob Exline / May 28, 2021 /

The supplement industry is a dark place, full of dreams, outlandish claims, and bogus promises. Some things are pure snake oil, while others if not used properly can be potentially dangerous. When it comes to regulation by the FDA, supplements are treated as food and given the “safe until proven unsafe” treatment (as opposed to…

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Ep 495 – Too Young For Creatine & BCAAs?

By Tex McQuilkin / May 18, 2021 /

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete Radio listener: Hello Power Athlete Crew, I’m from South Dakota and I have been a long time listener and I’ve taken the mind-blowing and life-changing Methodology course. You guys are awesome. I have a jumped in to take…

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