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Author / James Coutts

One day. One moment. One specific interaction may spark a series of events that, if faced head on, could change the course of your life.

Yes, that is a bold statement and no, this isn’t some bullshit self-improvement quote; I’m here to get ‘real’ with you. You see, whether you like it or not, an opportunity for change may one day present itself to you, and it will be up to you to decide whether to act on it or continue as ‘normal’. These moments can be as traumatic as the death of a family member, or as simple as losing your job. However, regardless of the ‘event’, each one of these moments provides you with the opportunity to rise up from the ashes, and in some cases, completely reinvent yourself.

But this is a choice, and to become the best versions of ourselves requires that we, as individuals, step across the precipice into the realms of self-awareness. It is not until we take a critical look at ourselves, that we can then start the ‘journey’ towards becoming the person that deep down we know we truly are. I don’t believe this to be a matter of opinion, I know this first hand; 6 years ago, my ‘moment’ came to me when I unexpectedly lost my father and from this event, my journey towards a higher self-began.


But what does self-awareness have to do with coaching? Well…everything. As individuals, it is important that we figure out our inner workings to a higher degree. But as coaches, I believe it is absolutely vital, especially if we are to leave a lasting impact on our athletes. We are ‘leaders’, and if we are to truly fly the flag for others, then we must have a firm grasp and an understanding of our own human nature. It is imperative that we know what makes us ‘tick.’

Because how can you fully ‘give’ to others, if you haven’t accepted and embraced your own weaknesses and strengths? And more importantly, how can you make the connections for others, if you haven’t made them for yourself? As coaches, we know it’s all about the connections and helping your athletes make them so as to Empower their Performance. You might be effectively impacting your athletes already, but from personal experience I know that when I was given the opportunity to address myself, I had a greater capacity to communicate with my athletes, and therefore impact their performance.


Self-awareness is the proverbial ‘gateway drug’ while the effects of ‘real drugs’ only last for so long, I want you to imagine that self-awareness is like the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving. This shit is like someone turned on technicolor. Before, I was unaware and ignorant of my actions, my behaviors, and my emotions. Worst of all, I didn’t realize the extent it was having on me as an individual and as a coach. I read once that it can be easier to master the dynamics of another planet, than it can be to grasp what is at play in the folds of our own minds.

This could be true because, more than anything, it takes enormous strength, humility and resolve to not only take a long, hard look at yourself and realize the ‘destructive’ traits of your character, but to also then act to correct them accordingly.

But where do these traits manifest from? Well as I discovered, many of the ‘issues’ we face in our adult lives are as of a direct result of our childhood, and the events and circumstances that shaped us.

Sometimes the very people that brought us into this world can be the very people that are holding us back. But like everything in life there is a choice and my moment gave me exactly that.

No more bullshit, it was time to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


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James Coutts

A sportsman throughout his youth and adult life, James has always had a vested interest in everything 'athlete'. His personal athletic endeavors took him most predominantly to rugby where he represented his state on a national level. After leaving the sport in 2009, he found CrossFit, and the start off his coaches journey. In 2011 James came across the original CrossFit Football website and used the training to empower his own performance. After following CF football for several years with much success, he attended one of the few UK seminars, which sent him on a path towards Power Athlete. Then In 2017 James journeyed across the pond to Texas, to test his coaching abilities and became the UK’s first Block One Power Athlete Coach. He now uses the Power Athlete Methodology to empower individuals and athletes from all backgrounds.


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    Could we get the audio version of this with James reading please?

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