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Author / Matthew Zanis

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Accountability isn’t an option. Each new sunrise we are faced with choices. Some are harder than others. Yet, each decision whether big or small, impacts our outcome. The results we attain are a direct reflection of the choices we make.

Your body, that vessel of muscle, bone, and brain, abides by the same rules. You are in control. How your body moves, what it looks like, how it functions, and how you feel is dictated by how you choose to use it. From how jacked you are, to your susceptibility to experience pain, to your performance is based off your choices.

To Sit or Move, That is the Question

You have to make the call. Do you sit or stand at work? Do you go to the gym and move? What kind of food do you put in your mouth? How do you choose to communicate with your partner? These questions are all your responsibility.

If responsibility is taking ownership over your thoughts, actions, and decisions, then accountability is acknowledging that your health is in your control.

This perspective is embarrassingly lacking in our healthcare model. When it comes to lifestyle disorders such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, and movement dysfunction, we are naïve to think that some outside source can magically wave a wand and make everything disappear.

Drugs won’t cure your diabetes or take away your pain. If you eat like an asshole, there is no amount of supplementation or fad diets that will make you healthy. If you move poorly, there are no amount of surgeries, massages, or manipulations that will correct your dysfunction. These are all temporary bandaids attempting to cover up an underlying issue perpetuated by your choices.

Marketing Vs. Science

In today’s world of social media and the internet, we are overloaded with information. Most of it is bullshit disguised by fancy marketing campaigns. It’s no wonder we are confused, seeking the quickest and cheapest solution to a longstanding problem. As humans, we can only make the best decisions with the best information provided by the best providers and researchers. Sorry, just because a hot girl in booty shorts is giving you exercise advice, it doesn’t mean its practical, prudent, or applicable to you.

My role as a Physiotherapist and Power Athlete Block One Coach is not to fix you. My job is to educate you with the most high quality, truthful information regarding your body to help you make the best lifestyle decisions that affect your health. Battle the Bullshit is a mantra we live by here at Power Athlete and we will continue to arm you with the information necessary to battle the bullshit in the health and performance market.

The solution may sound easy, but it isn’t simple. We can provide you with the knowledge , but you need to make the right decisions and do the hard work necessary to live a successful life without breaking down. Lifestyle changes are fucking hard. Grab a partner…someone who will help keep you accountable for your decisions and your actions.  Eat right. Sleep better. Move more. These are the best “magic bullets” we have to shift the trajectory of your health.


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Matthew Zanis

PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS Former baseball catcher and an avid outdoorsman. Worked with Division 1 basketball, football, and track and field at the University of Pittsburgh, along with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Cardinals organizations. Received a Bachelors in Athletic Training from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011 and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University in 2014. Is board certified in Orthopedics and a Fellow through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Is a PT with the United States Olympic Committee and USA Shooting. Currently operates his performance therapy practice in Scottsdale, AZ with Dr. Tom Incledon of Causenta Wellness, and became a Power Athlete Block One Coach in September of 2017.

Dr. Zanis utilizes the Power Athlete Methodology to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, and rehab his clients and athletes through movement assessment, coaching, and individualized program design.

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