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IMG_7703Nothing suits me better on a weekend morning that a nice hearty plate of crisp bacon, sunny side up farm fresh eggs and a helping of grits with a dollop of raw butter.  Makes me happy.  Grits?  They’re not Paleo?  No, they are not and I gave them up for quite some time when I was annoyingly strict Paleo and on a much needed healing journey.  But they’re back in my life bigger and better than ever and they’re not just any grits. Once again with the “questionable” foods, it’s the quality and the preparation method that matters most.  Along with someone’s level of health.

The majority of the corn grown in America is vastly unhealthy, GMO and  sprayed with pesticides.  The typical supermarket versions of grits are overly processed, bleached, enriched, ground too fine and tasteless.  Don’t eat those.  I have searched the south (and a few other places) for the best grits.  First off they must not be GMO, preferably organic and definitely stone ground.   They’re not to be found in Tampa, FL but in this age of the internet I can get nearly anything delivered to my door in a timely fashion.  Just so with these Anson Mill organic heirloom grits.

Grits 1

My favorite are the Antebellum coarse white grits.  They do make a quick grits which I will use on occasion when time is of the essence.  The most important step is the soaking.  It doesn’t require more time just a little forethought.  If I’m having these for breakfast before going to bed I put them on to soak. When I get up in the morning, they’re ready to go.  If I’m having them with dinner, I put them on to soak when I wake up.  Done.

Why soak them?  It reduces the cooking time, the trauma to the corn during cooking and makes them more digestible, creamier and just more delicious.


For the Grits

1 cup stone ground grits
3+ cups water
1 tsp sea salt
2-3 tbs raw butter
freshly ground black pepper

You’ve soaked your grits; turn the heat to medium and bring to a simmer (not a boil) stirring constantly.  This should take about 6 – 8 minutes, reduce the heat to low and cover.  Now, about every 10 minutes, give the grits a stir adding a little extra hot water if you’re able to stand your spoon upright.  Add the salt halfway through the cooking time.  Cook over low heat for about 50-60 minutes or until tender and creamy.  To finish them stir in the butter or serve individually with a healthy dollop.  Add more sea salt if desired and the pepper.


For the Bacon
2# nitrate, nitrite free bacon


Heat a cast iron skillet on medium for about 3 minutes before placing the bacon in it; when the bacon just barely begins to sizzle turn the heat down to medium low which will allow it to brown evenly turning every so often.


As pieces are finished remove to drain on paper towels adding bacon and continuing until all is cooked.


Pour out some of that rendered bacon grease into a Mason jar which you can store in the refrigerator for later use.  Keep about 1 tbs or so in the pan to fry up the eggs.


For the eggs

1 dozen farm fresh eggs

Keep the heat at medium low and crack your eggs into the bacon grease


I’m a sunny side up girl myself and I cook mine until the whites are just barely opaque, no flipping.  Hubby likes his over easy; if you do, gently flip the egg allowing the underside to cook for about a minute and then carefully remove so as to not break the yolk.  If you like the yolk hard throughout just cook a little longer.


Pre wod or post wod–enjoy!

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    mouth watering… I love me some grits!!!

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