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Genetics Continues to Go Undefeated

It should not come as a surprise that even coaches working at the highest level of sport are not advocating for early specialization. This is further proof that the over-eager dad at your kid's little league game needs to chill the fuck out. Daniel Roose [@dr24187] may specialize in bringing up some of the most competitive college basketball players that the NCAA [@vcu_hoops] has seen, but that doesn't mean he hasn't learned some unorthodox things along the way. Roose is fired up about how detrimental it can be for kids' development to be limited to just one sport at as young as 7 or 8 years old. Hear the science behind his philosophy and the possible outcome of such a finite athletic path.

There is nothing haphazard about hard work and to be successful at the highest level, you've got to have the right coach. Daniel Roose  [@@dr24187] has built more than a reputation for exemplary S&C work with college basketball, he has also stayed true to himself. That's no small feat when you're working among high level performers. He continues to seek opportunities to positively impact the lives of young adults through his work at VCU [@vcu_hoops] and formerly, UT. Roose has learned a lot along the way including his observations of legacy phenoms. As he puts it "genetics are still undefeated" but they are useless if you don't provide the proper training to facilitate a long and healthy career for these young go-hards. Listen NOW!

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Get to know Daniel Roose by following him on instagram [@dr24187] and be sure to track VCU's progress [@VCU_Hoops].


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