Art of Coaching


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Art of Coaching

Ep 570 – The Coach’s Dilemma with Brett Bartholomew

“It’s ok to have a plan but resilience comes through adaptability”. How can I sum up this…

Author: John

Ep 514 – Betting On Yourself w/ Ali Kershner

Be the Leader Your Community Needs Ali Kershner returns to Power Athlete Radio fresh off a National…

Author: John

Your Cert Didn’t Prepare for Real World Coaching | Part 1

Primetime at the gym, the music is pumping and the familiar sound of clients crushing their workouts…

Author: Cheyne Zeller

EP 329 – Daniel Roose & College Basketball Culture

Genetics Continues to Go Undefeated It should not come as a surprise that even coaches working at…

Author: John

The Day One Size Up

A brand new athlete, regardless of age or experience, comes in wanting to train with you for…

Author: Donald Ricci

The Mental Energy Systems of a Coach

If I were to ask all of Power Athlete nation right now to name the three physical…

Author: Donald Ricci

Dedicate to Filling Your Holes

Coaching is more than just a job – it’s a vocation. As such, you must be willing…

Author: Donald Ricci