| EP 354 – First Responder Wellness with Anette Zapp

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Forged by Fire

It’s an incredible time to put some of our first responders in the spotlight. This week we welcome Anette Zapp [@firesqfitness] who serves as a Fire Department Lt in Chicago. While her passion is helping her fellow firefighters achieve optimal wellness, she also dabbles in biochemistry and molecular biology. Hear how she’s fighting to bring the best training and awareness to the unique stresses of first responders. Her goal is to improve their quality of home and work life and increase overall longevity. Many people are not aware of the significant impact that cumulative stress has on this population which often leads to severe depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

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There’s no doubt about it. We’re living in some strange times and unfortunately, incredibly stressful times for some people. Whether you’ve been dealing with the anxiety of making ends meet or the general concern of keeping your family safe and healthy, this episode will open your eyes to some tools that can help. Lt Anette Zapp of a Chicago area Fire Department has dealt with the impacts of witnessing critical incidents that the mind can hardly comprehend. Over time it changed her personality and her outlook on life for the worse. After hitting a low point ten years into her career, she decided to seek help and arm herself with the tools to help other first responders who are also suffering. While not every one endures the extremes of a Fire and LEO career, many are still struggling with how to cope with cumulative stress. Serious talk about mental health and SUPER serious talk about the most accurate firefighter sitcoms.

Empower Your Performance

Keep up with Anette on instagram @FireRescueWellness or on her website www.firerescuewellness.org and email info@firerescuewellness.org. And if you get the chance, head over to your local fire or police department and bring some jerky, stop by with your friendly dog for a quick scratch, or maybe donate a piece of old training equipment. We would be super grateful.


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