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Firefighters Are Not Bodybuilders Pt 2

In our first article, we discussed how time is of the essence for firefighters, and that their…

Author: Matt Spaid

Firefighters Are Not Body Builders pt 1

While some bodybuilders may happen to be firefighters, the inverse is nowhere close to true: not all…

Author: Matt Spaid

Fighting Fire With Fire

Power Athlete Leo Rosa: Forged by Training, Strengthened by Fire In the realm of pinnacle performance, some…

Author: Raven Winters

Ep 642 – Firefighter Wellness is FIRE

How to set Firefighters up for peak performance. Firefighter culture is unique and no one knows it…

Author: John

Ep 639 – Training Firefighters for the Unknown

How Firefighters prepare physically and mentally to face the unknown on a daily basis. What are the…

Author: John

Where’s the Fire? In your Muscles and Lungs: Analyzing the CPAT

This is it! You’ve made the decision to become a firefighter and now you need to pass…

The Holistic Athlete Movement Readiness (HAMR) Program

The Holistic Athlete Movement Readiness program (HAMR) was designed in response to working with the United States…

Author: John

EP 354 – First Responder Wellness with Anette Zapp

Forged by Fire It’s an incredible time to put some of our first responders in the spotlight….

Author: John