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The Center of it All

Nick Hardwick [@NickHardwick] is proof that you don’t need to hammer your kids into playing one sport for their entire adolescence. After wrestling throughout high school and becoming a state champ, he headed to Purdue where he walked on and played about 16 games total, most of which were in his senior year as center. But Hardwick found himself as the third pick of the third round and started his incredible 11 year career with the San Diego Chargers. This week John and nick trade stories, lore of fellow teammates, and bask in the afterlife of the NFL…something Luke, Tex, and the rest of us common folk can hardly comprehend.
Such an entertaining episode this week with Nick Hardwick [@NickHardwick], former center for the San Diego Chargers. Memories were revisited, some hilarious, some shocking, and a few that pulled at the ol’ heartstrings. We’ve got tales of delicious meals, tales of drinking one’s own urine, and the sweatiest crotch in all of pro football. And if the sweaty crotch bit didn’t sell you, there’s also some very technical O-line talk. It’s amazing what a decade in the NFL can do to your body, brain, and bank account. It’s Friday. You’re quarantined. You have nothing to lose.

Empower Your Performance

Head to instagram to learn more about @Renegade and @NickHardwick by searching both those handles.

And let me just say…I edit this podcast. I listen to it many times before it hits your ear. And if you think it sounds like shit, imagine what it sounded like before I worked my mediocre magic.


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