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Taking fundraising to new heights.

Andy Stumpf is our guest this week.  He is a seventeen year Navy veteran who spent much of that time as a SEAL and BUDS instructor.  During his time serving, Andy became intimately familiar with just how devastating the loss of a brother in arms can be both for the families and the military community.  This is the driving force behind his project “Man on a Mission“.

Hear how Andy plans on making one epic jump to break 4 world records.  As Andy states, the jump itself is merely a publicity gimmick to engage the public and raise awareness for the Navy Seal Foundation.  Of course the crew has a number of questions about what the preparation, training, and execution of such a challenging jump entail.

Although Andy joins us to discuss the somber and noble pursuit of supporting the families of fallen service members, the Power Athlete Crew can’t help but round the conversation out with a good old fashioned debate about the plausibility of various jumps seen in action movies.  Can we expect to see Andy as a stunt double in the next installation of Fast and Furious?  To find out, tune in.

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Show your support for Man on a Mission, Andy Stumpf’s fundraising effort benefiting the Navy Seal Foundation.  Please take the time to donate what you can.  A family of a fallen service member will benefit from your generosity in ways you may not even expect.  Again that website is https://www.gofundme.com/NSFmanonamission.

Learn more about the Navy Seal Foundation.

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