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Rob Windsor and Hannah Jenner are two world class athletes who recently found CrossFit as a training system in England.  They train at CrossFit Solent in South Hampton England. They’re not just any weekend warriors. Sure, CrossFit can get you in the best shape of your life, but what is a great training response without application?  What’s interesting is that Rob and Hannah are using CrossFit methodology as a training system to improve their game in their arena of competition; sailboat racing!

We hope you enjoy this episode of Power Athlete radio as we delve into the demands of a sport that requires you to be on your game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 25 – 30 day straight!

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 Intro and Opening
  • 7:34 Who are Rob and Hannah?
  • 11:18 What are the Demands of Sailboat Racing?
  • 22:03 What Work in the Box do you Feel Prepares you for the Deamnds of the Race?
  • 28:15 Is the Sailboat Racing Community turning to CrossFit as their Training Program?
  • 30:50 What are the Biggest Challenges you Anticipate out of the Race?
  • 32:44 What are the Meals Like During the Race?
  • 40:50 Replicating Energy Systems and Demands of Race Day
  • 46:01 Closing

Show Notes

Transat Jacques Vabre
Described as “The Super Bowl” of Sailboat Racing, the Transat Jaques Vabre is a yachting race that follows the historic coffee trading route between France and Brazil.  The event is open to multihulls and monohulls from the following classes: ORMA, IMOCA, Class 2 Monohulls, Open 50 Class and Class40. All kinds of navigational aids are allowed in particular for routing, except for the Class40 boats, which is what Rob and Hannah are sailing.

Check out a nice write up on the race here, or visit http://www.transat-jacques-vabre.com/en to see the official web page.

Rob Windsor

Hannah Jenner

Team 11th Hour Racing
Check out Team 11th Hour’s website: http://team11thhourracing.com, and Facebook Page to find our more and keep up on how Rob and Hannah fair on their 30 day adventure!


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