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Fun fact, Super Bowl Monday is an official holiday at Power Athlete purely based off chip consumption. If your company is not letting you sleep off a chip-over or you are following a nutrition plan, we do not want you to completely go off the rails. Much like TB12 and our Mahomie, he best thing you can do is go into the Super Bowl with a game plan.

If you dip, skip the chip!

As with any gathering, the island and kitchen countertops are full of appetizers and tasty finger foods can lead to a ridiculous amount of snacking that typically wouldn’t take place. On game day especially, those tasty dips are spread all around the house making them easy to grab and hard to ignore. To help mitigate this, drink a protein shake before going to whatever Super Bowl party you are attending. You can also pop in a piece of gum because I don’t know anyone that can/ has enjoyed chewing gum and eating chips at the same time.

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Cut up veggies are a great way to enjoy a bunch of dips without overdoing it. Bring a veggie tray as your contribution to the Super Bowl feast so you are stocked up and ready to eat. No one needs to know that you are actually contributing to your micronutrient diversity while slamming some buffalo chicken dip and guacamole.

Protein First

Wings, wings, wings. Need I say more? Load up your plate with grilled chicken wings and indulge. Just be weary of sugary BBQ sauces. The first ingredients in most BBQ sauces include ketchup and brown sugar. Protein is super satiating and filling which helps curb the desire to overeat. It is also the best choice in keeping the gain train going! Be sure to check out Luke’s take on wings and a buttery hot sauce for dipping.

Rotate Water and Alcohol

Set your limit for alcohol intake. For every alcoholic beverage you drink, have an 8 ounce glass of water before cracking open another one. Not only does this slow down your drinking, you will also feel better in the morning… no one wants to be hungover on a Monday, even if you are going to wear sweatpants on your Zoom calls.

To sum this up, gatherings don’t have to ruin your progress, and you do not need to come with prepped chicken and broccoli. Before the game focus your meals around protein and veggies so you have room for the carb-y goodness. Having a plan in place is the best way to ensure keeping you on track for whatever your goals might be. Super Bowl is a fun time in the middle of winter to get together with friends and family to enjoy good food and company. Going in with a game plan (no pun intended) can help you to navigate the tempting foods. But in true Power Athlete fashion, enjoy yourself, don’t be weird, and one afternoon off plan isn’t going to derail your weeks of hard work nourishing your body and training hard.

If you are someone who is ready to make the change happen, ready to take back your health, and ready to truly start unlocking your potential, hit us up and we will steer you towards your goals.

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Samantha Flaherty

Samantha has been an athlete since childhood, focusing on gymnastics, track and field, and cross-country. Samantha found CrossFit, and eventually CrossFit Football as a means to continue personal performance and fill a competitive void. These all led her to Power Athlete, the methodology course, and eventually to earning her Block One. She currently works in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area as a Power Athlete Nutrition Coach and as a Personal Trainer applying the Power Athlete principles with all of her clients.

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