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A goal without a plan is just a dream.

Happy 2022 ya’ll! Hopefully you are going into the New Year with a clear head and have some kick ass goals to accomplish over the next 12 months. Here at Power Athlete we are all about motivation and holding yourself to a high standard to reach your goals. But unfortunately most people do not stick to their goals and resolutions, and by February the motivation has faded. It was “too hard,” or “life happened” and you are no longer in pursuit of whatever was driving you January 1st. Why is this? Why do people jump ship?

There are a few possibilities:

  1. Motivation is an emotion, and emotions do not yield results.
  2. There was no plan accompanying the goal.
  3. The support system needed was not in place.

People tend to set lofty and unrealistic goals without looking at their current situation. It is great to have a goal to get in shape or eat healthier, but a goal is bullshit unless you have a plan to get there.

How do you make a plan?

  1. Define your goal.
  2. Define your why.
  3. Determine the tools you need to succeed.
  4. Determine the time frame. Be sure that it is realistic.
  5. Make your goal measurable.

Let’s break these down a little further:

  1. Define your goal: Make sure you set clear expectations for yourself and define your goal based on  what it means for you to get in shape. For example, “I want to get in shape” isn’t as personal as, “I want to do 5 strict pull ups” or “I want to deadlift 300 pounds.” The more detailed  and explicit you make your goal, the less room there is for error or justification that you have done “enough.”
  1. Define your why: The next thing that is important is to drill down on your “why.” This will provide that additional commitment when the emotion and motivation fades. A tool to help define your “why” would be to ask yourself why 5 times. Here is an example below:
    1. I want to get in shape. Okay why?
    2. I want to look good. Okay why?
    3. I want to set a good example for my children. Okay, why?
    4. I want to see my daughters get married. Okay, why?
    5. I want to be an active grandparent. Okay, why?

This just turned a vague goal into something with real meaning behind it. Motivation has now turned from a feeling to a realization that this needs to become a lifestyle so in 30 years you are active for your grandchildren.

  1. Determine the tools you need to succeed: Do you need to adjust your schedule to find more time? Do you need to start saying no to certain commitments that are no longer serving you? Or do you need physical tools like a barbell or a new pair of shoes? This could also mean you need a coach or mentor to help and guide you.
  1. What is your time frame and is it realistic: This is a time to take a hard look at where you are and where you want to end up. Does the goal have a deadline like a race or competition? Is it an ongoing habit that you want to establish daily with no end date? This is an important part of the process of goal setting so you can measure your progress and look back at how far you have come.

Is it measurable: Another thing you want to ask yourself is, “how will I know I have met my goal and have succeeded?” What happens after you accomplish your goal? This cycles back to having a strong definition of your goal so you know when it has been accomplished and it is time to set your sights on a new goal.

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Tips for goal setting:

Once you have thought through your goal/resolution and answered the above questions, here are some additional tools to set yourself up for success:

  1. Chunk it. Break it from yearly, to monthly, to weekly, to daily. What can you do each day to get you closer to your goal?
  1. Join a community of like minded individuals and get a support system. If someone is bringing you down and not supporting a healthy change to your lifestyle, maybe they are not a good person for you to be around during this process. The people you surround yourself with are a reflection of you. If you don’t like them, don’t hang out with them.
  1. Pair the new habit with an existing habit. A great example of this is taking your vitamins right after you brush your teeth. Hopefully you are all brushing your teeth every morning. This is already an established habit. Adding in a new habit with an existing habit increases the likelihood that it will stick and become a part of your daily routine.
  1. Get a coach. COACHES ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU! Even coaches need coaches. It is so important when going after a new challenge (such as switching up training or nutrition) that you have someone in your corner supporting you and looking out for your best interests.
  1. Finally, adjust as needed! You might realize that you need to go quicker or slower with your plan to reach your goal. As long as you are moving the dirt daily, you are 1% better than you were yesterday. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it is those micro changes you do daily that lead to success over the next 365 days.

Hopefully this helps you all stick to your New Year’s resolutions or any other goals that you might have. If you are not sure where to start and you want to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, reach out to us at Power Athlete. We are a group of coaches that want to raise people up and help them succeed. So whatever your goals may be this New Year, make a plan and CRUSH them.

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Samantha Flaherty

Samantha has been an athlete since childhood, focusing on gymnastics, track and field, and cross-country. Samantha found CrossFit, and eventually CrossFit Football as a means to continue personal performance and fill a competitive void. These all led her to Power Athlete, the methodology course, and eventually to earning her Block One. She currently works in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area as a Power Athlete Nutrition Coach and as a Personal Trainer applying the Power Athlete principles with all of her clients.

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