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Andrea Hudy [@A_Hudy] oversees the athlete strength complex on the KU campus and works specifically with the men’s and women’s basketball teams. In 2013 she received the NSCA Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award. In total, Coach Hudy has personally worked with 39 athletes that went on to play in the NBA. If you’re thinking right now…fuck, she’s good…you’re absolutely right. Hear how she’s infused science into the course of her programs and how she’s managed to ignore the stigma of female strength coaches. Incredible insight from a truly accomplished leader in the field.

Imagine that. Conditioning athletes not through voluminous long distance running drills or sub maximal effort sprints, but using the intensity of game speed. We’ve said it a thousand times. The best way to get “in shape” for your sport is to play your sport. Andrea Hudy has spent a nearly fifteen year career basing those training principles on observations and biofeedback. She utilizes power output trends as means to determine how to scale the strength and conditioning for her in-season athletes. The result is a high performing team with a championship legacy.


Start following Andrea Hudy on instagram through her personal page [@A_Hudy] or her team page [@kuhoops]. She spoke of the Midwest Sports Performance Conference which is TBA but occurs sometime in the spring each year.

And as you’ve heard, the not to silent auction, which really should be dubbed the sloppy auction since our aim is to prey on your lowered inhibitions, will include everything you heard and some fucking amazing surprises. I’m super pumped to let the old hairs down and throw some money at this worth cause.

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Cali Hinzman

A strength and conditioning coach since 2009, Cali has worked with numerous athletes spanning from rugby players to cross country skiers. Almost immediately after finding CrossFit in 2010, she was introduced to a program that better suited her athletic goals. With her existing background in powerlifting and football, she became a natural devotee to CFFB/PowerAthlete and testament to it's effectiveness. In 2012, she left D.C. and headed for the state named after her to be a part of the CrossFit Football Seminar Staff and a Jedi of Power Athlete HQ. Cali currently resides in Seattle where she works full time in law enforcement.


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