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collegiate athletes

A Course Correction for Youth Athletes

It’s no secret that Youth Sports are now more competitive than ever. This pressure to perform at…

Author: Alex Gibson

Overlooked Upshots of Playing NCAA DIII Athletics

On any given Power Athlete Radio podcast, you’ll hear the phrase “Division III All-star” thrown around. Initially…

Author: John

EP 353 – Mastering the D3 Dynamic with Mike Caro

College Athletes Take a Hit Coach Mike Caro [Twitter: @CoachMikeCaro] brings his unique perspective of working with…

Author: John

EP 344 – Ivy League Coaching With Tom Newman

Emotional Intelligence for Athletes With access to some of the greatest minds in academia, Director of Student…

Author: John

EP 343 – Kris Borthwick is Making a Racket in Tennis

The Posh Power Sport Coach Kris Borthwick’s [@krisborthwick] career has come full circle bringing him back to…

Author: John

EP 340 – Motivating Millennials with Liza Reader

Not Your Grandma’s Weight Room Liza Reader of University of Louisville has seen the changes in collegiate…

Author: John

EP 331 – Nate Brookreson Calls Out Coaching Bullshit

Run Towards the Difficult Conversations When you’ve coached as many college athletes as Nick Brookreson [@nbrookreson] you learn a…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 283: Andrea Hudy

Show Your Value Andrea Hudy [@A_Hudy] oversees the athlete strength complex on the KU campus and works…

Author: John