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Battling the Bullshit: Women and Training

When it comes to resistance training, there are few subjects overflowing of bro-science than that of women…

Author: Ben Skutnik

EP 323 – Lily Nichols Upgrades Prenatal Nutrition

Jacked Babies Are Made With Great Nutrition Ooooohhh baby…literally. This week’s show is all about prenatal nutrition….

Author: John

The Female Athlete Triad

With the recent fitness revolution came a major realization: women are pretty badass. The gym scene had…

Author: Ben Skutnik

PA Radio – Episode 283: Andrea Hudy

Show Your Value Andrea Hudy [@A_Hudy] oversees the athlete strength complex on the KU campus and works…

Author: John

Women and Bulking

To most women, Bulk is a 4-letter word and conjures images of spray-tanned bodybuilders with bulging muscles…

Author: Leah Kay

PA Radio – Episode 130: Tom Furman

Stop overthinking your training. This week we host Tom Furman.  Tom has quite the training history and…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 103: Jim Steel

JIM STEEL WAS BORN TO COACH. No one knows Strength and Conditioning at the college level more…

Author: John