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Commanding Excellence

Retired USAF Lt Colonel, Dr Jannell MacAulay [@macaulayjc] is no stranger to high stress environments. As a commander, mother, and wife of an often deployed military spouse, she looks back on her time juggling the biggest challenges of her life and asks “how could I have improved my performance?”. This question alone is a testament to the character of mindful high performer. Sure, that descriptor is a buzz word for anyone seeking personal growth, but there is hardly a better way to describe someone as driven as MacAulay. After receiving her doctorate in strategic health and human performance she endeavored to teach leaders the tools which she felt she lacked. Now she’s changing the culture around stress and human performance in ways you’d never imagine.

“No Email Fridays”… Does that seem like the type of idea that would be instituted by a high ranking military officer? Retired USAF Lt Colonel, Dr Jannell MacAulay [@macaulayjc] has never been one to shy away from an innovative mindset. While she had her challenges changing the culture during her time as a commander, the simple fact remains that you can’t argue with results. Small adjustments, like, not allowing cell phones during meetings, have huge implications. This was just the start of MacAulay’s mission to make higher performing humans. She pulls from ancient teachings about mindfulness and applies them in a practical way for leading, parenting, and just plain adulting. Take a full minute of silence with John, Luke, and Tex to find out where their minds wander when they aren’t looking up Be The Hammer vidzz. Listen NOW!


Get more familiar with Dr MacAulay by checking out her website JannellMacAulay.com or by following her on most social media outlets…@MacAulayJC. Stay tuned for more info on her project “Warrior’s Edge” and if you’d like to check out her TED Talk you can find it easily on this episode’s show notes.

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