mental toughness


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mental toughness

Ep 686 – 7 Continents. 7 Skydives. 7 Days.

Supporting our brothers and sisters-in-arms. Former Navy SEALs Mike Sarraille and Dr Kirk Parsley embark on a…

Author: John

Ep 676 – Rudy Reyes, Mental Stress & Mindset

Movement. Without it, nothing is possible but impossibility. Special Forces: The Ultimate Test Chief Instructor Rudy Reyes…

Author: John

Austere Training – Strength is Where You Find It

The term “Austere” is defined as a “severe or strict in manner or attitude. Living conditions, or…

Author: John

The Other Side Of Addiction

Let’s Rewind One of the things that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, besides…

Author: Colby Wartman

Ep 520 – Searching for Outrage w/ Dr Matt Zanis

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete…

Author: John

EP 434 – Overcoming Catastrophic Injury with Ryan Bachik

Occasionally we have a guest on the podcast that shakes our world up…in a good way. That…

Author: John

How to Empower Uncoachable Kids with Effective Influence

Coaches are in the business of taking people to places they would not have been able to…

Author: Jim Davis

EP 366 – Tony Blauer Wants You to Understand Fear

You Can’t Buy a Resiliency Degree In trying times, everyone needs a dose of Tony Blauer [@TonyBlauer],…

Author: John

EP 317 – Dr Jannell MacAulay Challenges Military Norms

Commanding Excellence Retired USAF Lt Colonel, Dr Jannell MacAulay [@macaulayjc] is no stranger to high stress environments….

Author: John