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Sport is Rarely Slow

If you’ve been jonesing for some good ol’ fashioned strength and conditioning talk, look no further than this week’s episode with Dr Tim Suchomel. While The Crew questions him about the appropriate application of power and velocity based training, Tim breaks down why it’s important to progress from strength to speed work. “Sports are not played slowly” How might a coach develop mental toughness, weed out the weak players, AND condition their athletes? The answer used to be as simple as 100 yard repeats until you start seeing the white buffalo. Now, there’s a much more responsible approach to accomplish those things. Finally, discover the future of exercise science technology. A bodysuit that recognizes muscle activation might just be the ultimate bio feedback.

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From velocity based training to the most cutting edge tech in sports, Dr Tim Suchomel [@drtsuchomel] is full of opinions. And not just opinions, Tim has been doing incredible research on potentiation throughout his career. Ever had the Oly lifting for sport debate with your colleagues? Hear his logic for both catching and performing the dynamic pull motion. He also emphasizes the importance of creating a stringent and consistent evaluation process for certifying coaches in strength and conditioning. If you’re looking to work at the college level and make an impact on both novice and seasoned lifters you’ll want to tune into this one!

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Bryan Mann was referenced several times on this episode. You can refer back to our chats with him in 213, 249, and his talk at the 2018 PA Symposium.

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