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Ep 687 – How to Teach Speed w/ Les Spellman

I feel the need… the need for speed! One of America’s elite speed performance coaches, Les Spellman…

Author: John

Ep 654 – Becoming Powerful is a Science

Being explosive doesn’t happen by accident, the proper power development is just a listen away… The most…

Author: John

Ep 630 – Get NFL Powerful

Discover how to smash your times and destroy mediocre technique. What does it take to get faster?…

Author: John

Ep 627 – 7 Tips for Fostering Athleticism

Dominate the field and take your inner athlete to the next level. While many people can move…

Author: John

The How-To Guide for Bands and Chains

Anyone familiar with the Power Athlete Methodology has heard the crew say, “Train Fast, Be Fast”. This…

Author: Hunter Waldman

Ep 600 – The Immortal Louie Simmons

“Big is not strong, strong is strong” – Louie Simmons Legends are born but legends never die….

Author: John

High Performance Heart

Love is in the air, on the mind, and filling up the shelves of your local pharmacy….

Author: Zack Nagle

Ep 530 – Fast and Furious, IndyCar Driver Conor Daly

Shake & Bake! IndyCar driver, Conor Daly, likens a typical race to a fight. The exhaustion of…

Author: John

Ep 451 – NFL Combine Cancelation Ripple Effect w/ Derek Hansen

Choas Theory A butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the flat-earth and with that single action…

Author: John

EP 407 – Strength, Speed, & The Future of Sport

Sport is Rarely Slow If you’ve been jonesing for some good ol’ fashioned strength and conditioning talk,…

Author: John