| Ep 509 – Derek Woodske. Thinker. Healer. Traveler.

Author / Christopher McQuilkin

3 Hour 10 Min

With my hands, I will hold your reigns, and with your sails. You will show me the world

Derek Woodske returns to Power Athlete Radio hot off his Sorinex Summer Strong presentation all about supplements, performance, and kickin’ ass. We talk the fundamentals of strength, finding your place in this wild world of fifteen-second sound bites and filtered selfies, and supplementation 101.

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Derek Woodske is all that is man(imal)! Athletic accomplishments like NCAA All American and National Champ in track and field are impressive, but knowing the journey and mental checkers Derek played to reach those peaks shows true magnitude of these feats. Derek now applies his mental and physical development for athletes all over the world. Come learn from Woodske’s unique journey and approach to developing man(imals), no matter what they’re training for.

Empower Your Performance

Follow Derek Woodske in instagram @DerekWoodske and his new venture @ecobolic, or if you liked what you’ve heard, refer back to our conversation with him in Power Athlete Radio Episode 214, 281, and 367. Our 2017 Symposium talk with him is also available on YouTube.

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Former collegiate lacrosse defensive midfielder, 4-year letter winner and 3-year team captain. Coached strength and conditioning collegiately with Georgetown University football, Men's and Women's lacrosse and Women's Crew, as well with the University of Texas at Austin's football program. Apprenticed under Raphael Ruiz of 1-FortyFour-1 studying proper implementation of science based, performance driven training systems. Head coached CrossFit Dupont's program for two years in Washington D.C. Received a Master's in Health Promotion Management from Marymount University in 2010, and has been a coach for Power Athlete since October, 2012.


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