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Gut Health

Ep 758 – The Hidden Depths of Gut Health

Dive into the science of your second brain, the gut, and its impact on your life. This…

Author: John

Ep 547 – Dr Kirk Parsley’s Guide to Living Forever

I intend to live forever. So far, so good! When Dr Kirk Parsley joins the show, you…

Author: John

Ep 509 – Derek Woodske. Thinker. Healer. Traveler.

With my hands, I will hold your reigns, and with your sails. You will show me the…

Author: John

Functional Medicine Bloodwork- My Top Picks

So you’ve finally decided to get your shit together. You have it all figured out! You have…

Author: Leah Kay

PA Radio – Episode 171: The Crew

 Slow sucks. Speed Kills. This week The Crew returns to answer your questions. Inquiries about training, supplementing,…

Author: John