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The scale is a liar. When you are in the middle of caloric deficit, the scale may not be your friend. Weight fluctuations are real and they are not spectacular. So a better plan is to have multiple measures for progress.

The Scale is Just a Number

The scale is a good measure over time, and it has its place, but let’s not get to fixated on that single digit. Weight can fluctuate up to 5lbs plus or minus. So many factors can play into, sodium content of your food, you might need to take a dump, food intake, and even exercise. Don’t let it ruin your day. It is a checkpoint on the journey. Take multiple measures each week and look at the average weight. Keep your mind on the long haul.

Circumference Measures: Tale of the Tape

Tape measure is not the most bad ass tool in your toolbox but it is a powerful measure (pun intended). Track the circumference measures of your waist, hips, and thighs. This gives tangible insight into body composition. Muscle is denser than fat, so you can weigh more while taking up less space.

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Clothes Make the Person

You can use clothes as measure. We all have a pair of pants that we used to fit in. Once a week, put them on to see if there is space between your stomach and the waist band. If you pants are fitting better you are getting smaller, despite what the scale says.

Performance Metrics

We aren’t just chasing aesthetics: we’re chasing performance. Strength gains, endurance gains, and power gains are good measures too. Are your pull-ups easier? Runs faster? Jumping higher? These are markers Power Athletes can flex!

Mindset Matters

Weight loss/body composition change is not just a physical battle, it is a mental game too. Cultivate a mindset that focus on process and progress. Celebrate developing the big habits that help you reach your goals, hitting your training sessions, tracking food, tracking measurements, hitting your protein goal, meal prepping, and getting sleep to name a few.  Take the victories big and small. Understanding setbacks are part of the journey, learn and move on.

Progress not only measured on the scale, pick several of the above and get cracking. The scale may not move but you might be fitting in those pants. Embrace the journey for all its twists, turns, and detours. Remember you do not have to take this journey alone, you can have a tour guide in a nutrition coach https://powerathletehq.com/nutrition-coaching/?coach=rob.

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Rob has been in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry for 21+ years. For the last 12 years, he has owned and operated CrossFit West Houston. Through CrossFit, Rob found Power Athlete the methodology course and earning his Block One. Nutrition is a passion which lead him to currently pursuing a Masters program in Nutrition at Lamar University and Power Athlete Nutrition coach.

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