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fight like a megan.

Long gone are the stereotypes about fighting like a girl, especially when your name is Megan Anderson [@MeganA_MMA]. The 6’0 tall female MMA fighter from the Gold Coast of Australia joins us on this week’s episode to talk about what it’s like to be on the business side of the cage.

As Megan explains, she wasn’t always the stellar athlete growing up. But, as luck would have it, she fell into fighting and boxing after leaving a career in the army. It’s no surprise that she was able to move up in the ranks among her female opponents as she was training almost exclusively with men throughout her development.

Megan has a refreshing approach to competition day. No rituals, superstitions, or even fear for that matter. On game day, she knows that she’s put in all the work possible and views the fight as merely a sparring partner she’s never met. This work ethic and confidence is probably why she’s kicking ass in the world of MMA.



Follow Megan in all of her travels, fights, training, weight cutting, and general shenanigans my finding her on instagram under the name @MeganA_MMA. You can also hit her up on Facebook by searching her name.  Megan fights Amanda Bell on May 7th so send this hardworking Power Athlete some love by following her online.

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Cali Hinzman

A strength and conditioning coach since 2009, Cali has worked with numerous athletes spanning from rugby players to cross country skiers. Almost immediately after finding CrossFit in 2010, she was introduced to a program that better suited her athletic goals. With her existing background in powerlifting and football, she became a natural devotee to CFFB/PowerAthlete and testament to it's effectiveness. In 2012, she left D.C. and headed for the state named after her to be a part of the CrossFit Football Seminar Staff and a Jedi of Power Athlete HQ. Cali currently resides in Seattle where she works full time in law enforcement.


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