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Live in the Question

Dive into leadership with Dr Cara Miller. Find out what is inhibiting you from maximizing your capacity to lead people towards success. BUT. You can’t have conversation about guidance without exploring how the “power” dynamic plays into it. Find out what you can do as a business owner, coach, team captain, or parent, to get the desired results from your respective communities. Spoiler: If your leadership style is to seek obedient people, the growth of project and goal will only suffer. The struggle is real…and as it turns out, the struggle is good.

Hear how to embrace living in “the question” and how to surround yourself with relationships that will encourage growth. Dr Miller puts Luke and Tex through a few exercises that demonstrate how to polish the efficacy of a working relationship. What comes of it is something that even Galactic Calendar could not predict. Listen NOW!


What an incredible episode and talk with Dr Cara Miller [@developmentalcoach]. It’s obvious that she’s given us a lot to think about in how we interact in our social and professional circles. So thank you to her for that. Seems like she gave Tex and Luke the gift of some sort of next level consciousness in their work-wife relationship. Not that it matters at all.

Find Dr Miller at www.Inquirypartners.com or email her at Cara@inquiryp.com

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John Welbourn is CEO of Power Athlete and Fuse Move. He is also creator of the online training phenomena, Johnnie WOD. He is a 9 year veteran of the NFL. John was drafted with the 97th pick in 1999 NFL Draft and went on to be a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999-2003, appearing in 3 NFC Championship games, and for starter for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2004-2007. In 2008, he played with the New England Patriots until an injury ended his season early with him retiring in 2009. Over the course of his career, John has started over 100 games and has 10 play-off appearances. He was a four year lettermen while playing football at the University of California at Berkeley. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric in 1998. John has worked with the MLB, NFL, NHL, Olympic athletes and Military. He travels the world lecturing on performance and nutrition for Power Athlete. You can catch up with John as his personal blog on training, food and life, Talk To Me Johnnie and at Power Athlete.


  1. Bill V on March 6, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Great episode guys. Regarding the galactic calendar discussion, I’d like to offer an alternate viewpoint. It’s easy to look at the minuscule duration of our existence relative to that of the galaxy and conclude, as Luke apparently has, that our time here is therefore meaningless. Given the vastness of the galaxy, space, and time though, I think our tiny little plane of existence is made that much more special by it’s scarcity. I mean, if this show had been going on forever and would continue on forever wouldn’t that make it meaningless? We have this brief little sliver of time as a species, so much less still as individuals, to do whatever we can do with the life we’ve been given. I think this makes it precious, not meaningless.

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