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The Parental Checklist for Finding the Right Coach

By Don Ricci, CSCS / October 22, 2019 /

The sins of the parents do not have to be the sins of the child. As adults, how many times have you heard, or even said yourself for that matter, “Man, I wish I was introduced to strength training at a younger age. It could’ve changed everything!” You have the power to provide your children…

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Pain: Sticks and Stones

By Matthew Zanis / April 14, 2018 /

“Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Words Will?…” The next time you get under a heavy barbell, give yourself the following cues: Don’t round your back, or your discs will explode. Keep your knees from going over your toes, otherwise your kneecaps will slingshot forward and take out someone’s eye If you feel…

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How to Build Team Camaraderie

By John / September 13, 2016 /

NFL season is back! The first week brought some amazing displays of athleticism, come-from-behind victories, and a Houston triumph over Chicago (taste it, @Luke). Despite that, one thing was missing, Tom Brady. I’m by no means a Patriots fan, but do admire his tenacity and leadership, especially from the sideline. Brady’s boisterous sideline antics may…

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Athlete Profile: Braden Smith

By John / February 6, 2014 /

Braden Smith POWER ATHLETE S&C Coach: Dennis Dolan Position: Offensive Lineman Team: Olathe South High School Falcons Level: High School / Collegiate Profile Athlete Background Athlete Age: 18 years old Body Height: 6’6″ Body Weight: 296 One look at Braden Smith, 6’6″ and 296 pounds, and you know he is a football player. What you…

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Athlete Profile – Harry Pettit

By John / December 5, 2013 /

Harry Pettit POWER ATHLETE S&C Coach: Stephen Orr Gym: CrossFit Queenstown Sport: Freestyle Skiing Team: New Zealand Olympic Team Level: Professional Profile Athlete Background Athlete Age: 19 years old Body Height: 5′ 9″ / 175cm Body Weight: 165lbs / 75kg Harry has been skiing since he was 2 years old, and entered into competitive freestyle…

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