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“What are you going to do? Go home and watch Oprah every afternoon? That’s just not you.”

This week we chat with CrossFit Games competitor, Christy Phillips Adkins.  2015 is a very special year for Christy as she has temporarily taken leave from her work as a full time nurse to pursue life as a professional athlete.  This strategic move might be just the thing to put the 6 time individual competitor on top of this year’s CrossFit Games.

Hear what provoked the 5’4″, 135 lb framed Christy to start lifting weights well into college and eventually pursue a degree in exercise science.  Christy also takes a few moments to reminisce on all of the changes and transformations that the CrossFit Games has seen throughout the years – from women’s weights steadily climbing to the format of what was once called “Sectionals”.  Do you remember a time when each Sectional competition had liberty to create it’s own unique set of workouts?

We also discuss the existence of trash talking in a sport whose roots are comprised group suffering and community.  Christy comments on the most outspoken and confident among the elite few and who unabashedly remarked to her “Sometimes I lift a weight and I’m like, Fuck, I’m strong!”.

How is Christy attacking The Open both in terms of weekly prep, programming, and the workouts themselves? Those secrets lie just moments away.


Show notes

Follow Christy’s progress on The Open leaderboard and her instagram, @ChristyCrossFit.  Don’t forget to support her charity of choice, Barbells for Boobs, for the chance to receive personally worn, perspired in, gear from this professional athlete babe.

I hope that everyone will plan on tuning in next week when we talk with the one and only, Dave Tate.  That’s right, just when you thought PA Radio couldn’t get any better, the crew interviews founder and CEO of Elite FTS.  Not only is Dave a successful powerlifter in his own right, he is an accomplished author and speaker preaching the value of continuing education by way of experience and of course, patience.  Speaking of patience – you’ll have to wait number 99 for that one.

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    @cali is there a link for the diva video?

  2. DavidMck on March 13, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Nvm, found it. Old school.

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