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The world of macronutrients can be a confusing minefield. We’re about to break down macros and bust myths. And if you are one of the extreme exceptions like Carnivore, Vegan, IF, or Keto, we’re watching you. We respect the hustle, but let’s face facts, we need all three macros Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats.

Protein: The King

Proteins are the alpha, the king of macronutrients. We’re talking about amino acids, the building blocks that turn your body into a fortress of powerful muscle. At Power Athlete, we’re all about efficiency, so animal proteins are our jam. Flesh builds flesh. You’re talking about foods with a mother and a face, but you can sprinkle in a quality protein powder to meet your needs. Shoot for .8 to 1.2 grams per pould of body weight. We want optimal, not just minimum needs, we have flesh to build.

Carbohydrates: The Misunderstood Macro

Carbs have been misunderstood for a long time, so lets set the record straight. If calories are in check, carbs will not cause weight gain. It is the foods that have the unholy trinity of sugar, fat, and salt, they taste delicious, are easy to overeat and devoid of nutrients. The unsung heroes in the carb world are the nutrient dense versions-fruits, veggies, tubes, and some rice. Carbs are the fuel your muscles and brain crave, so strategically center them around your workouts. Earn your carbs! Remember fiber in the fruits, and vegetables help fill your stomach. Shoot for between .5 to 1.35 grams per pound of bodyweight. If you are looking to live on Jacked Street you might need more! Need help figuring that out? Ask a coach!

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Fats: Not the Devil You Think

In the 90’s, fats were the devil. Blamed for everything from heart attacks to the Kennedy Assassination. Fast forward to now, and suddenly butter in your coffee is a thing. With 9 calories per gram, you might want to reconsider your fat feast, especially if you want to drop bodyfat fast. Get a mix of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. Look for high quality fats like olive oil and avocado. We’re looking at .25 to .5 grams per pound of bodyweight.

The Trifecta

Proteins build, carbs fuel, and fats keep your cells healthy. These are the foundations of building a healthy strong body so you can live on Jacked Street. All the macros work together so quit shunning individual macros. Master your macros like a savage.

Feeling overwhelmed? Need a sane voice to filter out the noise? Head to https://powerathletehq.com/nutrition-coaching/?coach=rob to hire a coach. At Power Athlete, we aren’t satisfied with mediocrity, we want to optimize and dominate!

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Rob Exline

Rob has been in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry for 21+ years. For the last 12 years, he has owned and operated CrossFit West Houston. Through CrossFit, Rob found Power Athlete the methodology course and earning his Block One. Nutrition is a passion which lead him to currently pursuing a Masters program in Nutrition at Lamar University and Power Athlete Nutrition coach.


  1. Anil K Kapoor on December 25, 2023 at 9:55 am

    That is an interesting article. Complete on Macros. But, despite you naming Protein as The King, people undermine it. I have been a professional athlete, pumping iron for the last 24 years.
    I suggest an exclusive post on the importance and benefits of protein. If you agree, I can write and share one with you.

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