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Master Your Macros

The world of macronutrients can be a confusing minefield. We’re about to break down macros and bust…

Author: Rob Exline

Flesh Builds Flesh

When it comes to building slabs of muscle, there’s no question that animal-based proteins are the gold…

Author: Rob Exline

Ep 678 – Fasting From Diet Fads w/ Robb Wolf

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads. Hanging around smart people…

Author: John

Three Ms for the Aging Power Athlete

“What are you training for”? Anyone who has spent enough time in Power Athlete land will understand…

Author: Hunter Waldman

Ep 651 – Hitting Reverse on Your Diet

Achieving your target weight loss is only half the battle. You’ve reached your weight loss goal, now…

Author: John

Ep 625 – Bulking on a Budget

Discover the best bang for your buck proteins and carbs to attack your training. Money is tight…

Author: John

Ep 617 – Leaning Peak for Beach Week

Discover how much protein you need to hit your beach bod goal. It’s finally swimsuit season and…

Author: John

Egg Roll In A Bowl

This dinner is SO easy and my kiddos love it too. You can cook everything separately so…

Easy At Home Poke Bowl

Science has demonstrated that there’s never a bad time for sushi. Need something light and refreshing on…

Carbs Are Not the Devil

Over the last decade through no fault of their own, carbohydrates became the demonized macronutrient according to…

Author: Rob Exline