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PowerAthlete Radio_Template-RecoveredJIM STEEL WAS BORN TO COACH.

No one knows Strength and Conditioning at the college level more than Jim Steel.  This episode, the University of Pennsylvania Director of Sports Performance takes us through his journey of acquiring nearly 30 years experience working with a diverse spread of athletes.

We kick off the podcast by talking about some of Jim’s major influences throughout his life and what fueled his passion for lifting weights.  With a spotter like Kirk Karwowski, you have no choice but to get stronger.  Jim talks about his experience training for various performance goals like Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Muay Thai, and even Toughman competitions.

We get the opportunity to pick Jim’s brain about seeing athletes make the transition from High School to College athletics.  He shares his opinions on having kids specialize at a young age and the consequences of doing so.  We also get into how to maintain a good report with sport coaches and his approach to training female athletes.

Training is just one facet of Jim’s life.  As an avid reader, author, and poet, he is the epitome of well rounded coach who is constantly seeking self improvement.  Not only that, he’s the only knife fighter that I know in real life.

Randy White, pictured below, is one of Jim’s biggest influences.



To get ahold of Jim’s writings, including “Steel Reflections” and a number of other great blog posts and publications, visit www.basbarbell.com.  Here you’ll find motivating pieces and be able to track Jim’s ongoing introspections about the world of Strength and Conditioning.

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    @Cali: The volume is definitely better on this one, thank you!

    Great episode as always!

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      Yes! It feeds automatically but can sometimes take up to a week. We don’t have any control over that so just be patient. Sorry for the delay.

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