finding the right coach


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finding the right coach

Eating for Two with Abandon – Part 1

As I write this, my wife is crushing her 40th week of pregnancy. The is our first…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Mindfulness in the Kitchen

One of the first topics I cover with a nutrition client in our initial consultation really doesn’t…

Author: Ben Skutnik

GenPop Training: Principle of Individuality

Power Athlete is built on principles, not philosophies, to drive our training and programming. If you’re like…

Author: Adam Campbell

A Coach Learning from Coaches

“Even the finest sword plunged into salt water will eventually rust.” Sun Tzu, Art of War Almost…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Weightlifter Training Holes

Elite weightlifters are some of the most dynamic and impressive sagittal strength athletes in the world. They…

Author: Don Ricci

I Want It All: Your Nutrition and Training Goals

“What are your goals?” If you ever pick up nutrition coaching or meal planning from Power Athlete,…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Weightlifting Competition Coaching for the Novice Coach

You’re an S&C coach – you primarily serve as support staff to the sport coach, where your…

Author: Don Ricci