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COVID-19 is Like Football

Hansen. So hot right now. This is our second time hosting the notorious Sprint Coach and he is even more knowledgeable and hilarious than we remember. Per John’s request, Derek Hansen [@derekmhansen] dives deep into explaining speed development, technique, and how he’s managed to convey these critical elements to sport coaches. Derek also humors Luke by addressing the “Feed the Cats” speed philosophy. And if that’s not enough feline for you, the Tiger King is referenced numerous times as a metaphor for life. Yes. You heard me correctly.


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The amount of shittalking that occurs at the expense of Cincinnati in this episode is ridiculous. Apologies in advance to any offended residents. But seriously, why does your town suck so bad? Our chat with Derek Hansen [@derekmhansen] dissects the history of speed training from Charlie Francis to whatever nonsensical workouts your coach made you do in high school. Hansen is able to explain how Francis’ philosophies helped shape the structure of his training but he also discusses how the nuance of sport has allowed him to evolve as a coach. He’s got a lot of interesting insights about working with high level athletes and coaches, as well as a solid argument on how the politics around COVID are very much like that of football. If you’re exhibiting symptoms of increased HR, shortness of breath, and high arousal (physiological or sexual) do not be alarmed. These are normal signs that you are excited for another episode of PA Radio. Listen NOW!

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Empower Your Performance

You can follow Derek Hansen on IG under the handle @DerekMHansen or head to RunningMechanics.com or SprintCoach.com for more information or a consultation. And let’s not forget Derek’s ringing endorsement for PA Radio: “The tangents are exceptional and relevant”. 


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