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The Truth of Battling the Bullshit

By Tex McQuilkin / June 12, 2020 /

Power Athlete’s tagline is battle the BS. 1. How does Power Athlete define BS?2. How does Power Athlete define truth? 1. What are five examples of BS Power Athlete has seen?2. What are five examples of truth Power Athlete has seen? Thanks much and thanks for the “Sipping Brew with the Crew”! George George, The…

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The No Bullshit Supplement Post

By Luke Summers / April 1, 2020 /

Who can resist the call of the sensationalized quick fix? The allure of popping a miracle pill to cure disease is how pharmaceutical companies have stacked up immense profits. BOO! HISS! DOWN WITH BIG PHARMA! Yet, a similar narrative is frequently spun up for those of us who cherish our health and wellness – “smash…

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EP 331 – Nate Brookreson Calls Out Coaching Bullshit

By Cali Hinzman / October 18, 2019 /

Run Towards the Difficult Conversations When you’ve coached as many college athletes as Nick Brookreson [@nbrookreson] you learn a thing or two about injury and recovery. The public’s perception is so far from reality that when an athlete finally breaks, all they see is failure. But Brookreson gives incredible perspective on the journey of those athletes who…

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Battling the Bullshit: Accountability

By Matthew Zanis / September 3, 2019 /

Accountability isn’t an option. Each new sunrise we are faced with choices. Some are harder than others. Yet, each decision whether big or small, impacts our outcome. The results we attain are a direct reflection of the choices we make. Your body, that vessel of muscle, bone, and brain, abides by the same rules. You…

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Battling the Bullshit: Women and Training

By Ben Skutnik / August 31, 2019 /

When it comes to resistance training, there are few subjects overflowing of bro-science than that of women and training. But you can’t blame the bros, because there is actually very little research focusing on healthy women and training. But there are a few myths that, although still running rampant around the gym, science can dispel.…

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Battle The Bullshit: Conditioning Test

By Tex McQuilkin / July 16, 2019 /

A strength and conditioning coach, by nature, should be able to take an athlete’s performance beyond what they can do for themselves. However, many coaches in the arena of court and field sport limit themselves to training for isolated tests that have stood the proverbial test of time, like the 40 yard dash and benching…

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Battle Your Own Bullshit: The Process

By James Coutts / May 25, 2019 /

Welcome to the third and final installment of Battling Your Own Bullshit; we’ve reached the end, but as I found out, this was just the beginning on the long road that is self awareness. In part one I seized upon my ‘moment’ for personal change, and in part two I began to recognize the self…

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Battling Your Own Bullshit: You Better Recognize

By James Coutts / April 12, 2019 /

In part one of Battling Your Own Bullshit I swallowed the red pill and perhaps after reading you decided to speed dial Morpheus and punch a one way ticket to self-awareness land with me. But what now? What happens after you decide to take that leap of faith, pull out your darkness and tackle it…

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Battling Your Own Bullshit: The Moment

By James Coutts / March 19, 2019 /

One day. One moment. One specific interaction may spark a series of events that, if faced head on, could change the course of your life. Yes, that is a bold statement and no, this isn’t some bullshit self-improvement quote; I’m here to get ‘real’ with you. You see, whether you like it or not, an…

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Battle the Bullshit: Fitness Guru Fallacies

By Matthew Zanis / February 5, 2019 /

In today’s technological age, we are bombarded with information from a slew of sources. Navigating these treacherous waters, especially when it comes to information found on social media, can be a uniquely difficult endeavor. When we come across a post presenting an argument or claim we must decide whether or not what is being presented…

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