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Cutting weight is like tacking a rep-max back squat- it’s a challenge, you might want to quit, might want to cry, but the rewards are worth the sweat. However, frustration kicks in when the scale doesn’t budge. You are hustling hard, but the numbers are going haywire. Let’s breakdown 5 reasons why your weight loss journey might feel stuck or worse going the opposite direction.

Stubborn Water Retention

Certain situations can cause your body to hold on to water like Arnold and Carl Weathers hold onto a bro handshake. Blame it on food choices (high sodium foods the night before), hormonal rollercoaster (stress got cortisol pumping through you), overdoing it in the gym (exercise can cause a temporary inflammatory response) or meds. Ditch processed foods, stay hydrated, and check in with your doctor about your meds.

All About Those Gainz

You could be recomping, especially if you are banging weights. You’ve been grinding it out in the gym, right? That muscle mass might be tipping the scales, but it is also a secret weapon that cranks up your metabolism and unlocks long term weight loss. Find other ways to measure your progress like circumference measurements or a tight pair of pants as a baseline. It is possible to be heavier but be leaner.

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Caloric balance is the magic of weight management. Going to lean on calories can lower your metabolism (lower thermic effect of food). On the other side of that coin, is mindless snacking or even overeating on nutrient dense food (the good stuff) can add to your scale weight. Track food like you track PRs to ensure a moderate deficit. Dial it in with a Nutrition Ninja for a personalized game plan.

Overstressed and Underslept

Stress is a gains killer. Chronic stress kicks up cortisol, the stress hormone that loves to park fat around the belly. And if you couple that with lack of zzzz’s, you have a deadly duo of hunger and full signal disruption. Find ways to destress by using breathing exercises, mediation plus prioritizing quality sleep- for 7-9 hours to battle the bulge.

Underestimated Portions

Hidden calories and oversized portions are diet busters. Don’t forget about liquid calories (understand serving sizes), cooking oils, and condiments. It is easy to overdo these things and wreck your progress. Estimating portion sizes can also trip you up, most people can underestimate their portion sizes by over 50%. Try weighing and measuring strictly for one week and put into a food journal, you may be surprised at what you find. Don’t let these sneaky bastards wreak your goals.

If the scale is messing with your head and gains are hard to come by, it is time to reassess. Watch out for fluid retention, celebrate muscle gains, master your calories, conquer stress, nail sleep, and own your portion size. This battle goes beyond the scale. Stay relentless! And if you need a battle buddy to conquer your weight loss, check out https://powerathletehq.com/nutrition-coaching/?coach=rob.

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