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Happy New Year Power Athlete Nation! The new year is a chance to begin anew and right wrongs from the previous year. And with that you are probably putting together a list of resolutions for the new year. Don’t just toss those around like confetti, find away to not be like average joes and give up in February. Dominate your performance and nutrition game to reach new heights in performance.

Set The Stage

Making a resolution is a statement of change. There is no roadmap to get where you want to go. So set goals. Set three types of goals.

Visceral Goals. Probably, one of the more important things to set. This goal is a narrative how how you will feel once you achieve your goals. Set a time in the future, for instance, New Year’s Eve 2024. How do you look, feel, and how meeting to your goals? Get personal. What have you given up, how easy was the change, what do others say about you. Consider how you can’t imagine going back to your old ways. The more detailed the better. Keep it somewhere you can see it daily, think Rocky in Rocky IV looking a Drago every time he looked in the mirror.

Target Goals. These are the goals you are most familiar with. I want to gain 50 lbs on my back squat, I want to lose 10lbs. Yes you can apply the SMART principle, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Focus mostly on specific and time-based, to simplify the process. Don’t worry about making them stretch goals, you can always adjust.

Action Goals. Here is the nuts and bolts. These are the daily actions you will need to take to reach the goals to look and feel the way you want. For instance to lose 10lbs you can set goals like, Plan meals weekly, pack lunch the night before, meal prep on the weekends, measure out meals that meat your macros, etc. The more you do your daily and weekly actions the more likely you are to hit your target goals.

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Blueprint For Success

Master the basics. Nail the fundamentals build on the basics. Do not be distracted by gimmicks like secret squirrel programs, fad diets, or cold/sauna therapies. Focus on the 99% not the 1%.  The basics are the keys to unlocking your true potential.

Make sure you are moving the dirt on our Power Athlete program. Eat nutrient-dense foods. You are laying the foundation to construct a fortress not a shack.

Overcoming Obstacles

Master your mindset. You are a Power Athlete, you do not back down from a challenge. Adopt an unyielding mindset, burn the boats because failure is not an option. Setbacks are opportunities to learn, adapt, and come back stronger.

Embrace the Power of Community.  PA nation is a community of likeminded individuals attacking the new year. There are plenty of opportunities to get support. Get active on the Discord Channel, hire a Nutrition Ninja, or jump on a consult.

Be in the arena, getting your faced marred with dust, sweat, and blood. Fight for you what you want out of your training and nutrition. Attack your goals with relentless determination and become an unstoppable force. This year don’t just keep your resolutions, annihilate them. To get help with your goals, jump on a consult with me, and crush 2024.

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Rob Exline

Rob has been in the fitness/strength and conditioning industry for 21+ years. For the last 12 years, he has owned and operated CrossFit West Houston. Through CrossFit, Rob found Power Athlete the methodology course and earning his Block One. Nutrition is a passion which lead him to currently pursuing a Masters program in Nutrition at Lamar University and Power Athlete Nutrition coach.

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