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Ep 590 – Founder of Husker Power & the NSCA Boyd Epley

“This is where it all started.” – Boyd Epley What was sport before carefully planned strength and…

Author: John

EP 455 – Tyler Christiansen & Spec Ops Prep

Training Warfighters Tyler Christiansen is a veteran soldier who has worked for the last the last 15+ years…

Author: John

Certs, Seminars, and Letters Oh My!

Plato, the original King of the Iron, once said “the measure of a man is what he…

Author: Adam Campbell

EP 319 – Scott Caulfield and the Future of NSCA

The Future of the NSCA This week’s episode of PA Radio does not disappoint with veteran guest,…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 304: Nate Palin

intelligent Tactical Training Maybe you’ve noticed the trend of intelligent strength and conditioning infiltrating one of the…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 234: Scott Caulfield

  Coaching Connection Scott Caulfield [@CoachCaulfield] is one of the magnificent minds behind the National Strength and…

Author: John

Power Coach: Education

Strength and conditioning education is on the verge of a revolution. Sorry, the unpaid internships, long hours,…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 172: Jay Dawes

Confirm or Deny your Principles. Every well rounded strength and conditioning program has two distinct elements. At…

Author: John