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Ep 728 – Dominating the Field

Lipson reveals how baseball players’ bodies have evolved over the years. I sit down with former pro…

Author: John

Ep 628 – Finding Stability in the S&C World w/ Zach Dechant

Learn what it takes to empower athletes and take charge of your career. Zach Dechant, Assistant Athletic…

Author: John

EP 383 – Terrence Kennell & Baseball Rehab

7th Inning Stretch Rehabilitating the injured players of the Houston Astros is just another day at work…

Author: John

Going Overhead with Throwing Athletes – Part 2

We’re living in strange and unprecedented times. 2020 is bringing some fresh hell to our doorstep seemingly…

Author: Donald Ricci

EP 313 – PT Work and Politics with Sue Falsone

From Table to Field Keep a cool head and stay in your lane. Sound advice from a…

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 288: Dr John Wagle

A Real Cluster-Fuck Accentuated eccentric loading, velocity based training, and clusters….oohh baby. This week’s episode with Dr….

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 243: The Crew

Luke and Tex put on their thinking caps AKA their Dad Hats and own your questions.
Power Athlete Radio – Episode 243

Author: John

PA Radio – Episode 228: Adam Greenberg

Big Risk, Bigger Reward Adam Greenberg’s [@AdamGreenberg10] passion for baseball was just the beginning. After working his…

Author: John