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Youth Training

Ep 523 – The Strength Clinic You Wish You Had Growing Up

Power Athlete is coming hot with live, in-person events! Power Athlete in-person clinics are back teaching lessons…

Ep 477 – Parents, Know Your Role in Sports w/ Zach Even-Esh

Young people need models, not critics Many of us accredit athletics for valuable lessons, lifelong friends, and…

Author: Cali Hinzman

EP 405 – Parent’s Guide to Raising a Power Athlete

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete…

Author: Cali Hinzman

Going Overhead with Throwing Athletes – Part 2

We’re living in strange and unprecedented times. 2020 is bringing some fresh hell to our doorstep seemingly…

Author: Donald Ricci

7 Coaching Tools to Master the Power Clean: Part II

The Power Clean is a complex skill that can be broken down into different phases and movements,…

Author: Donald Ricci

7 Coaching Tools to Master the Power Clean: Part I

Understanding the WHY behind sets, reps, or a movement does not prepare you to coach, especially when…

Author: Donald Ricci

The Real Purpose of the Power Clean

A key principle of our Bedrock program is that of  the minimum effective dose, or the minimum…

Author: Donald Ricci

PA Radio – Episode 271: Mike Robertson

Shhh, Your Coach Knows What You Need The evolution of a young athlete is a complicated one….

Author: Cali Hinzman