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Fighting Fire With Fire

Power Athlete Leo Rosa: Forged by Training, Strengthened by Fire In the realm of pinnacle performance, some…

Author: Raven Winters

Power Athlete Shoutout: Tim Biscoe

We here at Power Athlete get countless emails every year filled with client testimonials about how our…

Author: Adam Campbell

Ep 641 – Rec BJJ Athlete Strength Training

Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, it enhances anyone’s physical potential. The cult of Jui Jitsu is taking…

Author: John

Ep 639 – Training Firefighters for the Unknown

How Firefighters prepare physically and mentally to face the unknown on a daily basis. What are the…

Author: John

Ep 633 – Returning to Training After Time Off

How to eliminate the excuses and get back on track. For some the uphill suck fest of…

Author: John

Ep 611 – Preparing Body & Mind for Selection

Successful preparation for the hardcore goal of SOF Assessment and Selection. Fortune favors the bold. At Power…

Author: John

Ep 555 – Tactical Performance w/ Dr Matt Zanis & Dr Nick Kyle

Train your body to save another Recently Power Athlete hosted an elite group of special forces athletes…

Author: John

No One is Born Fast or Slow: Prerequisites of Speed

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: No one is born fast or slow,…

Author: Zack Nagle