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Court Is In Session With Weight Room Lessons

John Wooden and Pat Summit are the gold standard of coaching. In 25 years at UCLA, the…

Author: Andy Holmes

Ep 457 – Building Grit in Kids These Days w/ Jim Davis

Grit cannot be owned, it must be regularly cultivated, reevaluated, and consciously enlisted Good Athlete Project’s Director,…

Author: John

EP 452 – Jason Dunn’s Chief Concerns

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Ahhhhh yeahhhhh. Jason Dunn [jdungeondog] is here to talk football with JWelly and reminisce…

Author: John

EP 411 – A Framework For Effective Cueing

In this episode the Crew dials the voicemail to answer a question from a loyal Power Athlete…

Author: John

EP 395 – Riding the Grey with Ali Kershner

Insert Doubt Into Your Routine Ali Kershner’s coaching story has a unique start. This goalkeeper from Duke…

Author: John

EP 392 – Honing Leadership Skills with Michael Canic

Real Time Feedback Ambition into strategy. Strategy into reality. That is the specialty of our guest this…

Author: John

EP 380 – Unlearn What You’ve Learned with Kaz Kazadi

We Are 99.9% the Same One of the most powerful conversations on Power Athlete Radio is with…

Author: John

How a Toy Company Could Save Coaching: The Injury Prevention Rebrand

(For the sake of this article, any stakeholder in an athlete’s career is referred to as “coach”.)…

Author: Cheyne Zeller

EP 370 – Ryan Davis is Coaching With Intent

Hardships and Heroes Some things are rarely discussed by high level coaches like Ryan Davis [@CoachRyanDavis] of…

Author: John

EP 369 – The Language of Coaching with Nick Winkelman

Cue, Do, and Debrief Coach and Author, Nick Winkelman [@nickwinkelman] joins The Crew for the second time…

Author: John