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Movement Demo

Ep 532 – Masters of Movement: Lunge

We proceed by doubt, by trial and error, by resisting the impulse to lunge athletically after certainty. There is…

Ep 529 – Masters of Movement: Hammer Curl

The only way jersey sleeves are going to be tight is if you do your part. “Since…

The Breath as the Driver to Stability | Part 2: Foot to Diaphragm Connections

In Part 1 of this series, we focused on how our diaphragm and pelvic floor are myofascially…

Author: Emily Splichal

Power Athlete Split Squat

The barbell back squat is the cornerstone movement of the Power Athlete Methodology. All of our programs…

Power Athlete Squat with a Staggered Stance

Power Athlete’s Field Strong program is currently working through a bridge week in preparation for the new…

7 Coaching Tools to Master the Power Clean: Part III

The sport of Weightlifting in the United States is steadily growing has more and more athletes that are exposed to…

Author: Donald Ricci

7 Coaching Tools to Master the Power Clean: Part II

The Power Clean is a complex skill that can be broken down into different phases and movements,…

Author: Donald Ricci

7 Coaching Tools to Master the Power Clean: Part I

Understanding the WHY behind sets, reps, or a movement does not prepare you to coach, especially when…

Author: Donald Ricci

The Real Purpose of the Power Clean

A key principle of our Bedrock program is that of  the minimum effective dose, or the minimum…

Author: Donald Ricci