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Change of Direction

Ep 523 – The Strength Clinic You Wish You Had Growing Up

Power Athlete is coming hot with live, in-person events! Power Athlete in-person clinics are back teaching lessons…

Author: John

5 Reasons Vans Should Be Your Training Shoe

The foot is arguably the most important system in sport and in training. It’s literally where the…

Author: John

The Importance of Sprint & Agility Work for Weightlifters

Raise your hand if you’re a weightlifting coach. Ok, now raise your hand if you’re not a…

Author: Donald Ricci

Winter is Coming: Sprinting

Hi Guys, Today’s field strong has the circuit in it. Now I often have to head out…

Author: Carl Case

PA Radio – Episode 104: Dr. Tim Hewett

  Forget what you know about ACL injuries. This week, Power Athlete Radio is bringing you one…

Author: John

ACL Injury Prevention: Anti-Rotation

Common thinking in strength and conditioning is the stronger the muscle, the safer the joint is from…

Author: John

ACL Injury Prevention: Injury Mechanisms

Injury prevention in strength and conditioning is an interesting beast.  If an S&C coach does their job…

Author: John