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Limiting Factor

Carbs Are Not the Devil

Over the last decade through no fault of their own, carbohydrates became the demonized macronutrient according to…

Author: Rob Exline

Training Foot Health: Shoes are the Devil!

Major shoe companies have done an effective job marketing the message that all shoes are designed to…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Unf*ck Your Breathing: The Mechanics

“In my class today, we were discussing avoiding the Valsalva maneuver when lifting and cueing clients to…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Accountability in the Kitchen

I originally set out to write this article as guide to meal prepping.That shit is unoriginal, it’…

Author: Ben Skutnik

The Aerobic Power Athlete

BE THE HAMMER! When you read that, chances are you imagine an athlete lowering their shoulder and…

Author: Ben Skutnik

Tendinitis: Where Do I Begin?

It’s Monday morning. You wake up, pound your coffee and head to the gym. Heavy squats are…

Author: Matthew Zanis

Pain: Why Won’t it Go Away?

As we learned in Power Athlete Episode – 251 with Adriaan Louw, working with athletes in pain…

Author: Matthew Zanis