Multiplane Movement


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Multiplane Movement

Rehab to Performance: Movement

I can remember back to watching the original Rocky movie with my dad when I was just…

Author: Matthew Zanis

3 Levels of Perfecting Movement

Power Athlete’s definition of athleticism is “The ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine primal movement patterns through…

Author: Carl Case

Attacking Limiting Factors: Hip Adductors

In Attacking Limiting Factors: Hips, we introduced some simple exercises to attack your abductors and adductors on…

Planes, Axes and Primal Movements

One of the first things covered (and equally forgotten) in any anatomy book are the planes of…

Attacking Limiting Factors: Footwork

Footwork is a fundamental component to performance.  A misstep on the field could be as costly as…

Pre-Practice Warm Up Opportunities

Over the years, we at Power Athlete have had an amazing opportunity to help sport and strength…